TranStreamV2: Fullbottle

The complete sets 1-5 of a what if design project thanks to my wonderful Patrons!

TranStreamV2: Fullbottle is a what-if Design project based on if a TranSteam gun was upgraded with the build best match data to make a more versatile "Fullbottle" form beyond the Faust Bat and Cobra that could utilize all organic FullBottles as forms with best non-organic weapon match.

Each form has a custom Pipe configuration to match its unique type of steam and as with the Motif of Bleeding Steam and it utilizing the best match data you can see the data of the best match bleeds through the colour of the form as well as each form having a best non-organic weapon match that it works best with with some special exceptions.

these were all Drawn and posted weekly as part of the DesignWorks series I do over @ Patreon
Larger versions for each of these with a breakdown can be found on my Patreon?