Kamen Rider Ex-Aid : Poppy PiPoPaPo

The Main Female Character from the Series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, this features her Main Design, my Fan design of her as a Rider before the Official design was released and then another fan design of a Relevant form her her.

April2017 : updated with new art

With matching Time-lapses that was drawn live @ twitch.tv/dynamotom

Series : Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Tom salmon kr dreaming girl

KamenRider Poppy - Dreaming Girl Time-lapse

Tom salmon krpoppyridah

Fanart based of official released photos of the suit

Tom salmon krpipopapomelodyremix

More elegant version

Tom salmon okrpoppy

Official form based on scans revealed of it

KamenRider Poppy: Time-lapse

Tom salmon okrpoppy beat

Concept of Alternate version of the Official design

Tom salmon krpoppy

Main Form as seen in the Series

Tom salmon krpoppy

Original Fan design before the Official design was annouced