Kamen Rider - Ride-player Fan Designs

Some personal Concept Art/ fan Designing on what ifs within the series revolving around the unique possibilities the "Ride-Players" in the series present and ways they could level up to stay Relevant to the end of the series.

Gashat Trophies giving forms : these are Costume variations of the basic Ride Player though levelling up using the "Trophies" they could gain from defeating the enemy bosses, this could give them a way to get stronger and gain some individuality amongst the mass produced brown riders by taking on aspects from the games the trophies are from.

Dual Gear Beta Rider : this would not happen based on what we know about how the technology in show works but I thought it was an interesting idea to match the Design of Para-DX another rider that uses the same style of transformation compared to the main Riders as well as make it continue to be used as the main characters would get upgrades as the show went on.

Series : Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Tom salmon complete nico ride player trophies

Finished version including forms for all the Trophies and a Nico Cronus

Tom salmon dualgearbetanico
Tom salmon fantasy simulations