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KamenRiderBuild Fan designs

Here is a collection of Fan designs i have from theories going on in the show Kamen rider Build its mainly going to be along the two lines of
TranSteam and ProtoBuild

SpringerRabbit - based of using an adapter similar to the seconed rider that used a Dragon themed one called ClawsDragon with matching form

with the appearance of 2 villians who use a gun like device to transform unlike the main character it leads to alot of Possibilities for forms that e will probably never see similar to this other piece i did for the previous series

Mirroring Transteam of a secondary style exploring organic full bottle forms Protobuild is a prototype form of the main character with a prototype driver that only uses non-organic full bottles

Tom salmon krbuild rabbitspringer


Tom salmon transteamrabbit

TranSteam Rabbit

Tom salmon nonorganicprotobuild